Mastering the Art of False Lashes

Lets dive into the world of false lashes and unveil the secrets to achieving a flawless, comfortable application that won't compromise the health of your precious peepers. Take the stress off from lash application by following our tips and discover our best-selling product that can make the process even easier!


Step 1: Measure with Precision - The Pinky Promise

Before we start, let's talk about the magical measurement tool that's right at your fingertips – your pinky finger! Using your pinky to measure the distance for lash application ensures a customized fit that enhances your eye shape. Start by placing the tip of your pinky at the inner corner of your eye. The point where your pinky naturally rests can be your guide for where the false lash should begin.


Step 2: Application Technique - Away from the Nose

Now that you've got your pinky as a trusty guide, let's discuss the placement technique. Begin applying the false lash from the outer corner of your eye, away from the nose. This not only enhances the natural lift of your lashes but also ensures a comfortable fit that won't irritate the inner corners of your eyes. Gently press the lash onto your lash line, following the curvature of your natural lashes.

Check out this quick tutorial from Moshika Beauty’s founder (@kate_moshika) to see how simple it takes to find the perfect fit each time!

Moshika Beauty TikTok Eyelash Application

Product used- Limitless Lash Liner

Say goodbye to messy glues and fumbling with magnets! The Limitless Lash Liner is your new best friend when it comes to easy, mess-free lash applications. This innovative and vegan-friendly 2-in-1 adhesive lash liner offers a secure grip for your false lashes without the need for glue or magnets. 

Simply apply the Limitless Lash Liner as you would any regular eyeliner, and voilà – the perfect canvas for your false lashes is ready! The Limitless Lash Liner is crafted with cruelty-free and latex-free ingredients, ensuring that your glamorous look is achieved without compromising the well-being of our furry friends.

Limitless Lash Liner

What good is a stunning lash look if it doesn't last all day? Fear not – the Limitless Lash Liner comes with a waterproof, smudge-proof, and super long-wearing formula. Whether you're dancing the night away or facing a hectic day, your lashes will stay in place, looking fabulous from dawn to dusk.

There you have it – the key to mastering the art of false lashes with the help of the Limitless Lash Liner. Elevate your lash game and let your eyes do the talking, all while enjoying a cruelty-free, latex-free, and long-lasting beauty experience. Happy lashing, #MoshikaBeauties!

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