Empowering Beauty: Celebrating Women Entrepreneur Day!

🌸 Happy Women Entrepreneur Day Moshika Beauties! Today, we're shining a spotlight on some incredible local businesses in the Tampa Bay area, founded and led by inspiring women. Join us in celebrating their passion, creativity, and dedication to making the world a more beautiful place. Let's dive into the stories behind these empowering ventures!


Flash Dental Spa by Dr April Lee

Meet Dr. April Lee, the brains behind Flash Dental Spa, a luxurious dental and cosmetic hotspot! Ranging from dental services to non-surgical treatments, Dr.Lee’s staff is comprised of experienced and compassionate individuals! Check out her office at 1621 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713. For all our Moshika Beauties outside of Florida, you can still try the brightening magic with her Teeth Whitening Kit


Style Sapphire Clothes and Accessories

Style Sapphire by Luda Demchuk

Step into the world of Style Sapphire, where Luda Demchuk is redefining the fashion industry! Need a stunning dress for the holiday season? No worries because you’re one click away from the dress of your dreams and matching accessories to really complete the look. Luda carefully curates all the pieces so you’ll know you’re getting the most high-quality and stylish outfits.

Clean your dirty face facials

Clean Your Dirty Face (Tampa) - Owned by Rinku Savdas

Rinku Savdas, a skincare enthusiast and entrepreneur, brings Clean Your Dirty Face to the Tampa Bay Area! A haven for all things glowing and skin. Revitalize and nourish your skin by booking a facial with her spectacular team Today! With quick 30-minute facial options available, make sure to use code “VIRGIN” for a $35 facial. Make sure to bring home some additional Esthetician-developed vegan skincare products to really extend your glow post-facial! 

Turkish Purses

Ege Sagas by Anastasia & Serdar

Shop sustainable and unique this holiday season with Anastasia and her husband, Serdar. All of their bags are the epitome of fine Turkish craftsmanship and are truly a unique addition to any look. 2,500 years of Turkish history is carefully diffused into modern designs through their products. Good for you and good for the planet!

Florida Swim and Athletic Wear Fashion

Ocean Vibe Swim by Wini Wu

Soak the Florida sun in style all year long with Wini’s swimwear! Check out the yoga sets to really achieve those fitness goals before the year ends because we all know a cute outfit increases motivation!

Turkish Jewelery

Jasel Jewelry by Tubanur Atak

Shine bright without a care in the world because Jasel Jewelry carries Tampa’s premier jewelry designs, all made in Turkey. The finest pieces can be delivered to your door or you can have your own permanent jewelry pieces at 4301 W.KENNEDY BLVD TAMPA, FL 33609. With over 830+ Google reviews, this would make a memorable event with any loved ones!

As a female-founded and operated brand, we always celebrate the resilience, creativity, and strength of remarkable women entrepreneurs far and wide. Their stories inspire us to embrace our unique beauty and pursue our passions fearlessly. Support local businesses, uplift women entrepreneurs, and let's continue empowering each other every day! Happy Women Entrepreneur Day! 🌟