At MOSHIKA BEAUTY, we are the indie beauty brand that creates regret-free beauty products, with the goal of staying true to who we are. We value affordability, efficiency, and top quality. We believe that makeup should be flawless and effortless, so we created MOSHIKA BEAUTY products to fit all lifestyles and make it easier for you to express your best FEATURES!  


Our founder Kate (aka @Katesglamour), is a beauty influencer x scientist. Kate has always had a passion for makeup and started being a makeup artist part-time during her undergraduate years. This turned into Kate creating makeup tutorial videos to inspire and teach all beauty lovers. After graduation, Kate decided to follow her passion for beauty while applying her background in medical sciences. She created MOSHIKA BEAUTY products with top ingredients that are certified and safe on all types of skin types including sensitive skin.


Fun fact: "MOSHIKA"  was made to represent our favorite Pomeranian, Moshi, who was always happy and sassy. We also included Moshi on our packaging. Let us know when you find her! 


"Moshi has inspired me to love myself and be happy with who I am. However, Moshi is no longer with us today. I wanted to continue living the way she did and inspire other beauty lovers to be happy and embrace their uniqueness. I chose to create and design MOSHIKA BEAUTY products to remind you of how beautiful you are. You should never limit your self-expression. Be Fun, Be Unique, Be Glamorous!"- Kate


We can't wait for you to fall in love with our products! Kill it Sis, and don't forget to show us what you created by tagging @moshikabeauty #MoshikaSista 


@katesglamour, Moshi, & Moshika Beauty Team💙