Lash Out! Benefits of Clear Lashes

Moshika beauty display first look of Clear Lash Set

Coming back comfier and sleeker than ever, Moshika Beauty just launched the “Crystal Clear Lash Set” with 3 lash styles! False lashes with a clear band are an excellent introduction for makeup beginners and the perfect addition to natural, everyday makeup looks. Clear-banded lashes are an underrated yet truly game-changing accessory so let’s unveil the benefits they can add to your beauty routine! 


Subtle Elegance 

Clear lashes are your ticket to achieving a natural, effortlessly beautiful makeup look! Unlike traditional falsies with a black band that can appear heavy or dramatic, clear lash bands seamlessly blend into your natural lash line. For those starting to get into makeup or false lash-wearing beginners, clear lashes make it easy and less intimidating. Perfect for everyday wear, clear band lashes allow your eyes to really shine! 


Featherlight Comfort 

Say “Goodbye” to the heavy, uncomfortable feeling of traditional lashes that can weigh down your eyelids. Clear lashes are designed with lightweight materials, ensuring that they’re the comfiest option available on the market! The thin, yet durable, material also makes it less likely for those with sensitive skin to have an allergic reaction. Lashes are so comfy that you’ll even forget you’re wearing them as you go about your day! 


Easy Application 

Don’t let the idea of lash application intimidate you any longer. Clear band lashes are a blessing for beginners and pros! The transparent band allows for more forgiving placement, allowing room for adjustments without risking an obvious lash line. Even if you’re new to the world of falsies, you’ll quickly find out that clear band lashes make the process a breeze, allowing you to confidentially experiment until you find your perfect fit! 


Limitless lash liner in jet black on display. Demonstration of it being used

#MoshikaBeauties Tip: Pair the lashes with our Limitless Lash Liner to make the application even easier and to ensure the lashes stay all-day despite any wind or water that you’ll encounter! 


Whether you’re aiming for a casual daytime look or a glamorous evening out, clear band lashes are your secret weapon for enhancing your beauty in the most graceful way! Make the switch to clear lashes today to unlock your full potential and tag us @MoshikaBeauty on Instagram / #MoshikaBeauties so we can see all your fab looks!