False Lash Care Tips!

Our favorite part of having the wispiest, fluffiest, and most comfortable falsies? The fact that they can be reused up to 20 times with tender love and care. All of Moshika Beauty’s false lashes are made up of super-soft silk fibers allowing each lash to be gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

zoomed up image of an eye makeup look usuing Moshika Beauty's false lashes and limitless lash liner

After a long, hard day of being an absolute #girlboss, carefully take off your false lashes by starting from the outer corner and then working your way into the inner corner. This allows you to protect your false lashes and make sure your real lashes aren’t being pulled out. Tugging at your false lashes from the middle for removal will alter the shape of your falsies and ruins their natural shape. 


Now that the false lashes are off of your face, it's time to clean them! Use any makeup remover to remove all leftover makeup and mascara buildup surrounder the lashes. Cleaning the falsies before and after each use prolongs the lifetime by maintaining the original shape and beautiful appearance. Our #MoshikaBeauties also like to use a lash comb or spoolie to brush out the lashes to prevent the fibers from becoming messy/flat. It adds extra volume to the lashes for a perfect look each time!


Once you have your cleaned false lashes, store them in their original packing or case. This helps the lash keeps its shape for your next wear. Keeping them stored safely prevents dust and other debris from ruining your lashes. Don't forget to check out our lash kit that comes with a magnetic case for safekeeping! When you're ready to use them again (and again) use tweezers or your fingers to carefully remove them from the case. Remember to pull on the band and not the individual lashes!


Keep these tips and tricks in mind to have everlasting, glamorous lashes!