We’re excited to shine our Retailer Spotlight on our newest partner, Dr. Adam J. Scheiner! Renowned for his expertise in laser eyelid and facial plastic surgery and commitment to enhancing natural beauty, Dr. Scheiner's office is now the newest retailer of our beloved Full of Magic Lash Kit. 

Dr. Adam Scheiner isn't just your ordinary cosmetic surgeon; he's a true visionary in aesthetics, a renowned researcher, and an acclaimed international speaker. With a passion for helping individuals achieve their desired look while embracing their unique features, Dr. Scheiner's approach to beauty is both refreshing and transformative.

Dr. Adam J Scheiner , Physician, Researcher, Author

As a dedicated researcher,  Dr. Scheiner continues to improve and innovate new laser and resurfacing techniques. His services range from facial surgery to non-surgical procedures, and 5 minute injectable nose job. He is also the only doctor in the world to offer RESET procedures that don’t just reduce signs of aging; they remarkably reset your skin’s age, turning back the clock by decades. Unlike, his other in-office laser procedures, RESET is a surgical procedure that is significantly better and provides a lasting impact. Although his practice is located in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Scheiner’s is best known as a world-renowned physician for festoons and eyelid rejuvenation.

Full Face Resurfacing, Festoons/Malar Mounds Removal, Upper Lid Resurfacing

(Full Face Resurfacing, Festoons/Malar Mounds Removal, Upper Lid Resurfacing)

To celebrate the new partnership, you can now find our Full of Magic Lash Kit, at a new Tampa-based retailer! To further complement the eyelid procedures done by Dr. Scheiner, the Full of Magic Lash Kit includes 2 lightweight, cruelty-free silk lashes to naturally highlight your new youthful features! To make the application process even easier, the kit comes with our best-selling Lash Liner (Jet Black), which is a waterproof, smudge-proof eye liner that also attaches your reusable lashes and a lash applicator.

Medically Recommended and Recognized Lashes ,Lash Adhesive, and Eyeliner

Request an appointment with Dr. Scheiner today and truly Restore, Reveal, and Reclaim your younger self! Find them at 4303 N. Gomez Ave, Tampa, FL, on Instagram, on Facebook, or give them a call at 813-367-1915!