Limitless Lash Liner: Old vs New!

Sometimes you just know when it’s time for a change and that’s why we gave our popular Limitless Lash Liner a makeover! From the formulated ingredients to the sustainable packaging, we covered all the bases when it came to producing an improved version.
Moshika Beauty’s Limitless Lash Liner is the most innovative 2-in-1 smudge-proof lash adhesive, when wet, and waterproof eyeliner, when dry. Simply use the Limitless Lash Liner as you would with a regular eyeliner, apply your falsies, and you’re DONE! An effortless, extra-lengthening, and voluminous lash look! Close-up image of the limitless lash liner on an eye


We proudly stand behind the new Limitless Lash Liner because we heard all of the suggestions made by our #MoshikaBeauties! Now, let’s really break down the differences between the old and new lash liners. 

Starting off with the actual ingredients that make up the lash liner, our previous formula was already clean and effective but we managed to advance our ingredients for it to be even more functional for all our customers' lifestyles ranging from minimal to everyday use. Our carefully crafted formula allows the lash liner to have a longer shelf life which allows you to have more days to slay! This change also intensified the color pigment of the lash liner to produce a bolder look while having a stronger hold for your lashes. All of our ingredients have been certified as vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free!

Water proof, smudge proof, wind proof, cruelty free, latex free, clean beauty, quick drying time, hypoallergic,

Who has fallen victim to buying a product just because of the cute packaging? The Moshika Beauty team definitely has - which is why we wanted to enhance the packaging for the lash liner with an awareness of sustainability in mind. Compared to the previous white encasing with a color design, we switched to a sleek, minimalistic silver encasing to hold our lash liner. We also emphasized the Moshika blue and turned the packaging box into a sustainable and travel-friendly accessory with a built-in mirror! Everything you’ll need for a quick touch-up is already in the palm of your hand and easily fits into any handbag, purse, or backpack! 

New sustainable packaging with built-in mirrow

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